Ethics Policy

All of the animal products used in the creation of Mystic Metals Body Jewelry pieces are ethically sourced in compliance with the Fish and Game and Natural Resources Departments of each state from which the animal comes.

Mystic Metals does NOT nor WILL EVER engage in trade or purchase of animal products collected from endangered or poached wildlife. Mystic Metals’ standards and practices ensure a strict and honest adherence to the protection and preservation of all wildlife.

Mystic Metals attention and care towards protection and preservation ensures our jewelry made using animal products exemplifies the utmost in ethical collection and use.

We at Mystic Metals Body Jewelry respect the sanctity and dignity of the deceased animals used in our jewelry, and will never source from places whose products do not meet the ethical standards and practices demanded by us at Mystic Metals Body Jewelry and the standards and practices of the Fish and Game and Natural Resource Departments of the states in which the specimens are collected. 

David Basile, Owner, Mystic Metals LLC

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