All September, you can use the coupon code DONATE at for 15% off your order and we will make a donation to the Spina Bifida Association in the amount of your savings. 

Spina Bifida is the most common permanently disabling birth defect in the United States. More than 166,000 people in the US live with some form of SB. It is a failure to develop or close the neural tubes of the spine during pregnancy, and can cause crippling effects throughout adult life. Surgeries and treatments begin in those with SB as early as within the first few weeks after birth, and can continue throughout adult life. SB can also be, and often is, in concert with other congenial ailments of the body, and those with SB are usually dealing with other medical problems while also treating and attempting to live a normal life with it. 

Spina Bifida has had an interesting and storied history throughout the years, but has only recently, within the past twenty to thirty years, become more of a studied priority. Therefore, information is largely limited, and since SB tends to present differently in individuals, treatments can be difficult to ascertain and apply.

My name is A. Robert Basile, and I am the social media coordinator for Mystic Metals Body Jewelry, and I live with Spina Bifida. It is a challenging life, and at forty years old having had innumerable surgeries and treatments since I was six, am still searching for comfort and relief and answers. Please help me and the over 166,000 others like me in the country with this birth defect. Learn more at, and use the code DONATE at for 15% off of your order*, and we will donate the savings to the Spina Bifida Association.

A. Robert Basile, Social Media Coordinator, Mystic Metals Body Jewelry

*not valid for Gift Cards, Closeout, Grab Bags, or Bulk Packs. Expires 10/31/2020
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