All August, you can use the coupon code CONCERTS at for 15% off your order and we will make a donation to Crew Nation in the amount of your savings.  Crew Nation was set up to "extend a helping hand to the touring and venue crews who depend on shows to make a living."  COVID-19 has ravaged the music industry as you may well know.  Touring bands are unable to put on live shows and many crew members are struggling during this shutdown.  From roadies to lighting techs and tour bus drivers, the music industry counts on these unsung heroes to bring you the live music from your favorite bands.  Now is the time we can chip in and help all those in the music industry that need it.  Learn more at

David Basile, Owner, Mystic Metals LLC

*not valid for Gift Cards, Closeout, Grab Bags, or Bulk Packs. Expires 8/31/2020
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